Top 15 Things to Do in Nara This Autumn

Many people recommend visiting Japan in spring for the cherry blossoms and pleasant pre-summer weather, but if they'd ever visited Nara in autumn, they'd tell you it's equally impressive. Bright and colourful, it is the season of cosmos flowers and golden leaves, unique harvest festivals, and scenic hikes.

The leaves don't usually begin changing colour until mid-October, but in the meantime here are our top recommendations to help you plan for an amazing autumn.

1. Instagram some deer

2. See some lion dancing

3. Relax at a ryokan

4. Explore the outdoors

5. Check out the autumn leaves in Yoshino

6. Stroll Nara's most beautiful garden

7. Unwind in a hot spring

8. Picnic amongst the pampas grass at Soni Highland

9. Experience a colourful twilight festival

10. Visit the terraced rice fields of Asuka

11. Discover the mysterious grounds of Ohnoji

12. Watch a game of Kemari

13. Cycle through fields of cosmos flowers

14. Taste the best seasonal cuisine

15. Take a trip to Hase

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