Cherry Blossom Viewing: Nara's Top Spots

There are fantastic spots to see cherry blossoms all over Nara, without the crowds. Mt Yoshino is the most famous, with the advantage that the flowers last through most of April, longer than anywhere else.

Yoshimizu-jinja Shrine

The scene of a famous hanami or cherry blossom viewing party by warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the 16th century, the shrine is famous for its view of thousands of cherry trees. | History & Culture | Yoshino

Ohnoji Temple Cherry Blossom Viewing

Ohnoji Temple is famous for its large weeping cherry trees, believed to be around 300 years old. In season, the temple is open until 9pm for night viewing. | Nature Events | Murouji Temple

Ishibutai Tumulus

The cherry blossoms around this ancient stone tomb are illuminated at night and the paths around it are lit by lanterns, creating a romantic atmosphere. | History & Culture | Asuka

Mt. Wakakusa

With a wide, grassy slope and views over the whole of Nara, this cherry blossom spot is popular for picnics. Bring your own rug, drinks and snacks. | Nature & The Outdoors | Nara Park

Hanayagura Observatory

With the best view over Yoshinoyama and the cherry blossoms, this small observatory is very popular in springtime. The mountain ridge stretches out below, like a pink ribbon. | Nature & The Outdoors | Yoshino

Nara Park

There are actually more cherry trees than deer in Nara Park, meaning you can find a great spot pretty easily. The best location is the wide lawn near Todaiji Temple. | Nature & The Outdoors | Nara Park

Chikurin-in Temple & Garden

This beautiful garden offers views over the blossom-covered mountains and features a pond ringed by weeping cherry trees. | History & Culture | Yoshino


Known as "the middle thousand trees", this area encompases the town of Yoshinoyama, making it easily accessible. It also means the area gets crowded in spring, so arrive early or stay overnight. | Nature & The Outdoors | Yoshino

Sasayuri Ann

For the ultimate cherry blossom viewing experience, head to Sasayuri Ann, where the owner can arrange helicopter tours around Yoshino. | Rental Properties | Uda

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