Don't Leave Nara Without... Your Guide to the Area's Must-Buy Souvenirs

There are so many unique products in Nara that it's hard to choose. Kids will love anything with a deer motif. You can also find high quality crafts and carvings that will enhance your home.

Nippon Ichi

Putting a modern spin on tradiitional crafts, you can find deer-themed gifts with a sense of humour. The company is famous for hemp cloth and you can buy cloths and handkerchiefs in cool designs. | Souvenirs | Nara Park


You will find cool gifts and keepsakes here, using natural materials and a simple colour palette of white and natural wood. | Western Cafes | Shin-Omiya

Mahoroba Daibutsu Purin

These delicious custards are made in a decorative glass jar that you can keep. Choose from Great Buddha or deer motifs. | Edible Gifts | Nara Park

Nakako Shoyu

For around 150 years, the same family has made high quality soy sauce here, and it is used in many of Nara's top restaurants. Realising people have limited luggage space, they have produced a range of beautifully packaged smaller bottles and jars. | Edible Gifts | Gojo

Shigisan Chogosonshi-ji Temple

This temple is all about tigers, and has the world's largest papier mache tiger at its entrance. There are several souvenir shops near the entrance which sell miniatures of the iconic tiger, complete with nodding head. | History & Culture | Ikoma

Acart Lifestyle

This gallery and shop stocks one-off and limited pieces by local artists. | Souvenirs | Nara Park

Nara Craft Museum

After learning the history of Nara's crafts, you can find many traditional pieces at the museum shop, made by local crafts people. This is the place to find reproductions of the lanterns at Kasugataisha Shrine. | Arts & Crafts | Naramachi

Kite Mite Nara Shop

You can get pretty much everything here, from crafts to pickles and cookies. It's a good place to find traditional Akahada pottery. | Souvenirs | Nara Park

The Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall

The museum store here stocks faithful reproductions of your favourite Buddhist carvings, along with modern stationery and accessories themed on the famous Buddhist figures. | Museums | Nara Park

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