10 Reasons Nara Should Be on Your Bucket List

Nara is simply like nowhere else. With rich history and natural beauty, friendly people and an authentic way of life, Nara is an unforgettable destination. And then there are the deer! What are you waiting for?

Nara Park

It's all about the deer, of course, but Nara Park is also home to some of the most spectacular Buddhist and Shinto edifices. Beautiful in all seasons, you'll find yourself spending a lot of time in Nara Park. | Nature & The Outdoors | Nara Park

Todaiji Temple

In many ways, this is the symbol of Nara, the most powerful temple of the Nara period and home to Japan's largest bronze Buddha. The combination of architectural brilliance and powerful atmosphere make this a blockbuster. | History & Culture | Nara Park


Yoshino is Japan's favourite area for cherry blossoms. This small town comes alive every spring as thousands of trees burst into bloom. | Nature & The Outdoors | Yoshino

Imaicho Town

Walking through this well-preserved Edo era town is like being on the film set of a Japanese period drama. | History & Culture | Imaicho

Mitarai Valley

Breathtakingly beautiful, this spectacular valley features hiking paths past waterfalls and along quiet forest paths. Spectaular autumn leaves. Cool breezes in summer. There are so many reasons to explore. | Nature & The Outdoors | Dorogawa Onsen

Dorogawa Onsen Townscape

Far from the crowds and everyday cares, Dorogawa Onsen is a small but unique town with retro charm. You'll never forget dressing in yukata and strolling the local streets, aglow with soft lantern light. | History & Culture | Dorogawa Onsen

Ohmiwa Jinja Shrine

One of the oldest existing Shinto shrines, the complex is spectacular. Set in a sacred cedar forest, with its legends of snake gods and magical waters and its significance to the sake industry, there's no reason not to go. | History & Culture | Miwa

Todaiji Manto Kuyoe

Todaiji Temple's "Ceremony of 10,000 Lights" is held to send off the spirits of deceased loved ones after their temporary return to the world of the living during the Obon festival. Breathtaking and magical, this is one of many events steeped in tradition to be experienced in Nara. | Cultural Events | Nara Park

Murouji Temple

Murouji Temple is a beautiful power spot, full of female energy. It was known as the "Koyasan for Women", when the famous Koyasan Temple in Wakayama Prefecture was open only to men. Don't miss the autumn leaves or the late spring rhododendron flowers. | History & Culture | Murouji Temple

Sasayuri Ann

Experience the real Japan; the life that even locals are nostalgic for. This is the ultimate rural experience, with all the comforts of modern life and fine dining too. | Rental Properties | Uda

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