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Imaicho Town


The well-preserved Edo town of Imaicho is compact and easy to explore, with around 500 traditional houses and shops laid out in a 2km grid. The easiest access is from Yagi-nishiguchi Station. A short walk leads to a distinctive red bridge marking the beginning of the town.

Modern rest facilities and a community centre have been built next to the river marking the east boundary of the town. Cafe Hackberry is a good spot for a break. Head down any of the side streets leading away from the river to explore the town, or follow the main road south to Imai Machinami Koryu Center for maps and information.

Housing wealthy merchants, the whole town was fortified and surrounded by a moat with gates, of which only one remains. In the centre, three streets have had their power lines buried, giving them an authentic period atmosphere. Some of the historic houses are open to the public, either free or for a small fee and there are several original sake and soy sauce makers. You can easily spend a few hours strolling and exploring. About 20 minutes away, you can visit Kashihara Jingu Shrine, the largest Shinto shrine in the area. You are also close to Asuka, renowned for historic monuments like the Ishibutai Tumulus.

Last update: 2016-11-10

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1-10-9 Imaicho, Kashihara



From Kintetsu Yagi-Nishiguchi Station:
- 5 minutes on foot from the station.

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  • 今井町 Imaicho Town
  • address 橿原市今井町1-10-9 1-10-9 Imaicho, Kashihara
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