Taste This: Nara's Top Sake Spots

As you’d expect from the birthplace of refined sake, Nara is home to numerous long-running breweries and sake stores. Whether you’re an aficionado or a novice, there are many ways to enjoy sake, from award-winning brews to sake ice cream and even vegetables pickled in sake lees.

Harushika Sake Imanishi Seibei Store

Atmospheric brewery and store within walking distance of Nara's main attractions. | Activities & Experiences | Naramachi

Yamada Sake Store

Photogenic Edo period store with an impressive selection of local sake. | Sake & Liquor | Hase

Imanishi Sake Brewery

Join up for a brewery tour or sake-tasting session at this family-run brewery. | Activities & Experiences | Sakurai

Nishiuchi Sake Brewery

Stop by at this traditional brewery on the way to Tanzan Jinja Shrine. | Sake & Liquor | Sakurai

Kawai Sake Brewery

Free sake-tasting and the opportunity to tour parts of a luxurious on-site Edo townhouse at this picturesque brewery. | Activities & Experiences | Imaicho

Nara Izumi Yusai

Friendly Nara sake specialty store where bar tastings are both fun and educational. | Bars & Izakaya | Naramachi

Noyori Nara Sanjo

Seat yourself down at this liquor store bar and join in one of their seasonal Nara sake flights. | Bars & Izakaya | Naramachi

Ogawa Matabei

Stop by this convivial temple-front liquor store and drink sake the traditional way. | Bars & Izakaya | Naramachi

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