Coffee Culture: Nara's Best Brews

Coffee culture is surprisingly strong in Nara. A mix of passionate locals and escapees from the big cities are quietly leading a coffee revolution. With few major chains, the emphasis is on independent cafes with personality.

K Coffee

A rather quirky store on the site of an old petrol station, the focus is on good beans, which they roast out the back. Grab a cup of espresso to go or find a bench in the forecourt. In summer, they serve great coffee ice cream. | Western Cafes | Yamato Koriyama

Bolik Coffee

Settle in for a coffee and cake set or grab a coffee to-go as you stroll the backstreets of Naramachi. Fresh ground beans and Russian touches make this a unique coffee stop. | Western Cafes | Naramachi

Cafe & Dining Nagood

With espresso coffee and single origin pour over options, not to mention great cakes, this is a popular stop in town. A strong brew and toast with coffee cream spread will certainly jolt you awake for the day. | Western Cafes | Nara Park

Cauda Beans & Cafe

The store is dominated by a massive steel roaster, so you know they care about coffee. The focus is on organic, single origin beans. Choose from espresso or pour over styles. | Western Cafes | Nishinokyo

Cherry's Spoon

In a traditional house, you can relax on the tatami mats and try an excellent caffe latte with rabbit foam art, or sit at the counter to watch the barista tend his coffee siphons. | Japanese Cafes | Naramachi

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