Nara's sustainable cuisine earns Michelin Green Stars

Nara's restaurants have been recognized for their commitment to preserving Nara's farming heritage and heirloom vegetables

Celebrating Nara's long history of sustainable farming and biodiversity

The Michelin Green Star is awarded to restaurants at the forefront of sustainable practices, combining culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments. These restaurants maintain high ethical and environmental standards and work with sustainable producers and suppliers to avoid waste. Five Nara restaurants have been recognized with a coveted Micheline Green Star.

Japan's ancient food capital

The Slow Food Movement isn't just a trend in Nara; over 1300 years ago, Chinese envoys brought ingredients such as tea and medicinal herbs and food preservation techniques to the capital Heijokyo. As Buddhism flourished in Nara, so did its food culture. Vegetarian shojin ryori cuisine was perfected in temples and pilgrim lodgings, with respect for the ingredients and a focus on flavor.

Tasting Nara's sustainable food heritage

The Nara Basin was an ancient lake and is one of the most fertile agricultural areas in Japan. A significant temperature difference between day and night provides the ideal climate for growing the flavourful fruits and vegetables used in local cuisine. Yamato Yasai vegetables have been certified by the Agriculture and Forestry Department of Nara Prefecture for their traditional cultivation methods, and for their taste, aroma, form, and provenance.

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