Get Out There: 5 Wild Adventures in Nara

Nara is all about the great outdoors. With a mix of mountains and plains, wild rivers and deep forests, your next adventure is waiting.

Ever Green

Based near Gojo on the Yoshino River, this local company is the go-to for white water rafting, canoeing and tree climbing in summer and snow-shoeing in winter. | Nature & The Outdoors | Gojo

Mt. Tamaki

On the Omine-Okugake Trail, this observatory is one of the highest in Totsukawa and offers incredible vistas. | Nature & The Outdoors | Totsukawa

Ohminesanji Temple

The ascent to this temple for Shugendo ascetics is only open to men, and only open from May to November. The tough journey to the top is part of the worship. Expect steep paths and rock climbing on your way. | History & Culture | Dorogawa Onsen

Goyomatsu Limestone Cave

A big part of the thrill is taking the tiny monorail up to the cave, as it trundles its way through the trees. The caves are beautiful and manageable for all fitness levels, but beware of slippery steps. | Nature & The Outdoors | Dorogawa Onsen

Mitarai Valley

Hiking through this valley, where two rivers meet, takes you along narrow forest trails and past waterfalls. Popular in all seasons, it looks stunning in autumn. You can swim in the shallows, but watch out for the strong current. | Nature & The Outdoors | Dorogawa Onsen

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