Eat Royally: Nara's Critically Acclaimed Restaurants

Bring your appetite. With a host of Michelin stars and a history of traditional farming, Nara is a foodie's paradise. Experience world class dining without the big city prices.

Wa Yamamura

Nara's only restaurant with three Michelin stars, the elegant kaiseki meals with a French influence are surprisingly affordable. | Japanese Restaurants | Shin-Omiya

Le Benkei

You can enjoy French cuisine with Japanese attention to detail in a grand at-home setting. Many ingredients are sourced from the restaurant's own farm. | Western Restaurants | Yamato Koriyama


With two Michelin stars, Onjaku is surprisingly unassuming. Enjoy traditional kaiseki dishes without pretension. | Japanese Restaurants | Nara Park

Ristorante I-Lunga

This is top notch Italian cuisine in an old samurai residence. The chef trained in Tuscany and uses local, organic ingredients. | Western Restaurants | Nara Park


A beautifully simple restaurant specialising in soba noodles, it also has one Michelin star. They make the soba fresh each day to order, so you need to reserve at least one day ahead. | Japanese Restaurants | Naramachi


This very reasonable kaiseki restaurant serves refined home cooking, prepared with great care. | Japanese Restaurants | Shin-Omiya


Traditional Buddhist shojin ryori is served in a lovely old house. The vegetarian options include locally grown vegetables and freshly made soba noodles. | Vegetarian-friendly | Uda

Ryori Ryokan Ogawa

You don't have to be a guest at this charming ryokan to enjoy the Michelin starred kaiseki meals. The restaurant overlooks a lovely garden with a goldfish pond and water wheel. | Ryokan | Yamato Koriyama

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