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Todaiji Ominugui

大仏さま お身拭い

Todaiji Ominugui

大仏さま お身拭い

Literally translating to “Wiping Down the Great Buddha,” this ceremony takes place yearly on the morning of August 7 with the aim of keeping Todaiji Temple’s Great Buddha nice and clean. Up to 120 priests and other participants purify themselves in the temple bathhouse and emerge in white ritual clothing and straw sandals. Before the mass dusting commences, sutras are chanted in a rite to symbolically remove the Buddha’s spirit, so as not to be sullied by the feet of the dusters as they rappel down him from the ceiling.

Last update: 2022-09-26

Venue Details & Access Info
Event Location

Todaiji Temple


406-1 Zoshicho, Nara (Todaiji Temple)



From Kintetsu Nara Station:
- 22 minutes on foot from the station.

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Name/address in local language

  • 大仏さま お身拭い Todaiji Ominugui
  • address 奈良市雑司町406-1(東大寺) 406-1 Zoshicho, Nara (Todaiji Temple)
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Opening Time & Admissions
Event Date

07 Aug - 07 Aug

Opening Hours

7:00 - 9:30

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