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Tsuribashi Festival "Yuredaiko"

つり橋まつり 「揺れ太鼓」

Tsuribashi Festival "Yuredaiko"

つり橋まつり 「揺れ太鼓」

In Japanese, August 4th sounds like “Hashi no hi”, or bridge day. On this day, the people of Totsukawa celebrate the spectacular Tanise Suspension Bridge. Suspended 54 metres above the river, taiko drummers put on a stirring performance, that reverberates throughout the valley.

Last update: 2017-06-14

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Tanise Suspension Bridge & Kaminoji Kasen Hiroba


Uenoji, Totsukawa, Yoshino (Tanize Suspension Bridge)



From JR Gojo Station:
- Take the bus bound for JR Shin Omiya Station, alight at Uenochi Teiryujyo and 33 minutes on foot from the stop.

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Name/address in local language

  • つり橋まつり 「揺れ太鼓」 Tsuribashi Festival "Yuredaiko"
  • address 吉野郡十津川村上野地(谷瀬の吊り橋) Uenoji, Totsukawa, Yoshino (Tanize Suspension Bridge)
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04 Aug - 04 Aug

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