Eat Local: Where to Try Traditional Nara Cuisine

The Slow Food Movement isn't a trend in Nara; it's just how they've always approached cooking. Follow the locals for delicious dishes with a farm to table focus.

Awa (Naramachi)

This farm to table restaurant specialises in organic Yamato vegetables and is part of a project to protect traditional farming practices. | Japanese Restaurants | Naramachi

Somen Morisho

A rustic restaurant in the heart of Miwa, the specialty is of course, Miwa Somen. You can also buy local produce to take home at their mini farmers’ market. | Noodles | Sakurai

Cafe Kotodama

In a beautifully restored former sake brewery, this casual restaurant offers healthy lunch sets made with locally grown vegetables. | Japanese Restaurants | Asuka


Located near Kinpusen-ji Temple and with spectacular mountain views, this is a great spot to enjoy the Nara specialty 'kakinohazushi': sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves. | Japanese Restaurants | Yoshino


This hole in the wall restaurant is where the locals go for soba noodles. The menu also includes a selection of local vegetable dishes. | Japanese Restaurants | Taimadera Temple

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