5 after 5pm: Nara's Best Whiskey Bars

Nights in Nara are more about cocktails and conversations than wild raging. There are world class bars hidden down side streets, ready to welcome you with a huge range of rare whiskies and a charmingly retro atmosphere.

Lamp Bar

With a world champion cocktail maker on hand, it's hard to resist the flashier drinks, but it's also a pleasure just to watch the bar tender hand carve the ice for your whiskey. The quiet, clubby atmosphere is perfect for appreciating the peaty subtleties of your selection. | Bars & Izakaya | Nara Park

The Bar (Nara Hotel)

This atmospheric bar belongs in a Hollywood movie. Take a seat along the counter as the impeccable bar tenders serve up the best Scotch and Japanese whiskies. | Bars & Izakaya | Nara Park

Bar Fiddich

With a name like this, you know they have a large supply of Glenfiddich whisky on hand. Aside from the extensive whisky selection, they also make a mean mojito and other interesting cocktails. | Bars & Izakaya | Naramachi

Hana Bar

In this elegant, rather minimalist space, you will find the major international whiskies along with local blends. In the rather hushed atmosphere the bar tender will also whip up some refined snacks. | Bars & Izakaya | Naramachi

Cafe & Bar Chillout

The most laid-back bar in Nara, it feels like you're visiting friends, drinking in the loungeroom as you discuss every topic under the sun. There is a good selection of whiskies and bourbons and also some sparkling sake. | Bars & Izakaya | Nara Park

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