Horanya Fire Festival


Horanya Fire Festival


On August 14 and 15, the final days of Obon (the season in which spirits of the dead are said to return to the realm of the living), this rite is carried out to send visiting spirits off in a big way. Leaving the standard gentle Obon festivities to other towns, the participants of this fire festival in Kashihara bear massive torches on their shoulders, parading them around town between Hachimanjinja and Kasugajinja Shrines. Over the two days, boisterous groups of young men port 17 torches of various sizes in fiery fashion, the largest weighing nearly 500kg. The festival has a history of more than 400 years and is recognized to be of vast cultural importance by the prefecture of Nara.

Last update: 2019-06-14

Venue Details & Access Info
Event Location

Kasugajinja Shrine, Hachimanjinja Shrine


Hachimanjinja Shrine & Kasugajinja Shrine

橿原市 春日神社・八幡神社


Hachimanjinja Shrine
From Kintetsu Bojyo Station,
- 4 minutes on foot from the station.
Kasugajinja Shrine
From Kintetsu Bojyo Station,
- 8 minutes on foot from the station.

Name/address in local language

  • ほうらんや火祭 Horanya Fire Festival
  • address 橿原市 春日神社・八幡神社 Hachimanjinja Shrine & Kasugajinja Shrine
  • Address
Opening Time & Admissions
Event Date

15 Aug - 15 Aug

Opening Hours

Kasugajinja Shrine: 12:30
Hachimanjinja Shrine: 15:20



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