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Katsuragi Fireworks Display


Katsuragi Fireworks Display


On the third Sunday in July, Katsuragi stages one of Nara’s biggest fireworks festivals, in Yashikiyama Park. With over 3,000 fireworks and live concerts and snacks stalls, it is very popular with families. The festivities kick off around 5.30pm with a fireworks display from 8pm.

Last update: 2016-12-06

Venue Details & Access Info
Event Location

Yashikiyama Park


17 Minami-fujii, Katsuragi (Yashikiyama Park)

葛城市南藤井17 屋敷山公園


From Kintetsu Shinjo Station:
- 19 minutes on foot from the station.

Name/address in local language

  • 葛城市納涼花火大会 Katsuragi Fireworks Display
  • address 葛城市南藤井17 屋敷山公園 17 Minami-fujii, Katsuragi (Yashikiyama Park)
  • Address
Opening Time & Admissions
Event Date


Opening Hours

20:00 - 21:00

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