Jan 05 2021

Meet Your Matcha: Exploring Nara's Tea Culture

Nara has had a deep connection with tea culture since the eighth century, when tea was brought from China. Experience Japanese tea culture at Jikoin, a Zen temple built as a tea house by tea master Sekishu Katagiri (1605-1673). Sip expertly made matcha tea with a seasonal sweet, while enjoying a view of the gardens.

The tea whisk, made from a single piece of bamboo, is an essential tool for making matcha tea. In Takayama in Ikoma, tea whisks have been made for over 500 years. Some of the workshops are open to the public. At Takayama Chikurin-en, you can observe the craftsmen making tea whisks and enjoy a cup of powdered green tea.

Learn about the tea ceremony at Taiseian, a small tea house that was located in the Horyuji Temple grounds. Visitors can try several tea experiences with English guidance.